A woman's essentials

A good book, a nice perfume, a bright red lipstick and a gini to make all her wishes come true.

Clutch bags are considered now an essential accessory; especially for going out by night. Plus, fashion designers see them as a toy each woman has to carry. Their price range may vary, but usually the most beautiful or original of them are overpriced or seriously expensive. This happens because of the fabrics, used precious stones or just because of the designer's name. I don't see the reason why a clutch bag should considered an investment. However, if you want to buy one and you don't have the whole bunch of money, search for something classic (ie the lips clutch by Lulu Guinness) and buy it during the sales period.
Jane Eyre embroidered clutch - Olympia Le-Tan
Red Perspex Lips Clutch - Lulu Guinness

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