One quote & a pair of shoes that changed my Sunday

Feat. Nike AirMax+ 2013

Mr. S (my boss) told me once "You don't find time to workout, you make time!". And then, few days later, I received those beautiful new trainers as a gift from Nike Running Greece.

Their pink fluo colour makes my mood brighter, while their comfortness and stability make running on the paved roads of Piraeus a lot easier. Plus, they have a tight fit so the shoe fits like a glove. Highly recommended for outdoor workout!

Next day, I woke up early, did some stretching and gone for my #makeitcount run.

Enjoy the view and imagine how peaceful is to run by the sea.

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  1. Μεγειές! Υπέροχα είναι! Φιλιά πολλά και μη ξεχνάς το διαγωνισμό μας!

    Lot's of love!